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8 Things Home Maintenance Tips to Follow in the Spring

March 1, 2023


Home maintenance is vital to ensuring that your house does not fall apart during the various seasons. Taking care of your home is a full-time job. Simple tasks like changing air filters or cleaning gutters can quickly consume your time when you have a busy schedule. Nonetheless, staying on top of spring home maintenance is essential to prevent damage and avoid a home insurance claim.

Home Maintenance Tips to Consider in the Spring

Consider the following eight home maintenance tips to keep your home in excellent condition throughout the spring season.

See if Your Home Insurance Covers a New Roof

Your home’s roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of its structure. It is especially true in spring if it’s sustained severe winter damage. Shingles can crack and become loose, which increases the risk of leaks. Check with your homeowners’ insurance to see if your coverage may include a new roof.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection of Gutters

Gutters are similarly vulnerable to winter weather, so inspecting them thoroughly when spring arrives is essential. Debris can accumulate and prevent them from properly draining. It is risky in spring when the rainy season is likely to come. You need to make sure your gutters are ready.

Check Exterior Paint for Signs of Peeling

Wintertime also wreaks havoc on a home’s exterior paint or siding. Paint, especially, is prone to peeling and cracking. If this happens, you should invest in a new paint job. Paint serves an essential function by protecting the underlying material from weather damage.

Check the Exterior of Your Windows

Taking care of your home’s windows is essential to keeping your home insurance rates low. A cracked seal can let a draft in or, worse, let pests enter the house. Look at screens to ensure no rips or tears and repair any casings and shutters that have sustained damage.

Check Your Deck for Signs of Winter Damage

According to experts, a traditional wood deck can last anywhere from ten to 15 years, and a deck made from polymer can last even longer. No matter how old your patio is, it’s essential to inspect it when spring arrives. Look for signs of rotting or warping that may necessitate repairs.

Look for Cracks in Your Concrete

Concrete is vulnerable to damage, too, if water seeps into its crevices and expands in freezing weather. It will cause cracks that can worsen over time if you do not repair them properly. You may be able to fix more minor cracks with caulk, but more significant gaps may require a home insurance claim.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawn care is vital in springtime. You must remove debris, check your sprinkler system, and take the time to do some basic landscaping. It will make your home look beautiful and improve its curb appeal.

Get the Right Home Insurance for Interior Repairs

Finally, complete any essential repairs that the interior of your home needs. Sometimes, your home insurance may cover the costs. Look for the best homeowners’ insurance to ensure adequate coverage for springtime maintenance expenses.

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