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Best Strategies to Prepare Your Home for the Fall and Winter

September 15, 2022


If you are a homeowner in the northeast, you need to find ways to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons. Homeowners in the Northeast have to be mindful about taking the right steps to maintain their homes as the seasons change. Colder weather and regular snowfall can make a big impact on how you use energy, and they make your home more vulnerable to various types of damage. Here are some things that Massachusetts residents should do to batten down the hatches for fall and winter weather.

Review Insurance Coverages

Prepare your home by knowing what your policy covers. When the forecast calls for a major winter weather event, people need to focus on emergency preparations. Having to worry about whether your insurance is going to cover potential damage can make storms much more stressful. Prepare your home by reviewing your current MA Homeowners insurance policy to make sure that you understand key terms and exclusions.

Clean Your Gutters

Leaves and other items that gutters collect over time create drainage problems. Instead of diverting water from your rooftop into your home, a gutter that needs maintenance could be funneling water directly against your siding and foundation.

Clogged gutters are also a principal cause of ice dams. When ice dams grow heavy enough, they can cause part of a gutter to break. Falling icicles along your house’s entryway could be hazardous and so is trying to remove them.

Cleaning gutters keeps them in good working order and prevents damage or dangerous conditions. Ultimately, being proactive about preventing water intrusion could avert costly damage which may not fall under the scope of typical insurance for homeowners.

Optimize Heating Efficiency

Before temperatures drop, get to work on strategies to heat your home efficiently. Make sure that you have adequate insulation to keep cold air outside and heated air inside. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows is another way to fortify your home against blustery temperatures. A window upgrade could raise your home’s value, and it might also help you get more affordable MA homeowners insurance.

If you have not cleaned your HVAC’s air handler, schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance. Keeping the unit clean will prevent obstructions that impede airflow and cause systems to run longer than necessary. If your home’s heating system runs on oil, fill your tank before prices climb at the height of the season.

If your home has a fireplace, make the most of it during cold weather. It can lower heating costs and make your living room feel ultra cozy. However, you need to be vigilant about using your fireplace safely. Typically, companies that provide homeowners insurance coverage in Massachusetts advise cleaning chimneys once a year in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency’s guidelines.

Making preparations for the fall and winter will help you protect your home’s value. Smart planning can offer you considerable peace of mind and keep you safe.

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