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Driving Safely During the Holidays in Massachusetts

December 15, 2022


Massachusetts residents know that driving safely during the holidays can be challenging and potentially dangerous. There tend to be more people on the road, and driving in stormy winter weather involves several hazards. Here are some smart precautions for driving in Massachusetts over the holiday season. 

Driving Safely During the Holidays Can Prevent Costly Auto Insurance Claims

Auto insurance carriers commonly see claims for accidents that occurred during foul weather. When the forecast calls for snow and icy roadways, stay ahead of the weather when you head out on the road. Timing departures to avoid peak traffic hours could also reduce your odds of getting into a collision when winter driving in Massachusetts is treacherous.

For safe winter driving in MA, you should reduce your overall speed by at least 10 mph. Wet and icy roadways can create a higher risk of accidents because vehicles cannot stop as quickly as they normally can. When you are preparing to brake, reduce your speed and start to apply gradually increasing pressure on your brake well in advance of the point where you need to come to a complete stop. 

Be Wary of Distraction

The holidays can get busy for everyone, and you must stay mindful while on the road. It is the time of year when you want to stay connected with family, but wait until you’re not driving to check your texts or start a phone conversation. 

Drive Defensively

While you might be pretty confident in your own competence as a safe driver, you must practice good situational awareness with an eye toward other drivers. Keep an eye out for signs of distraction. 

Remember that there may be more out-of-towners visiting for the holidays who might not have their bearing or don’t know what it’s like to drive in a nor’easter. Many people who aren’t from Massachusetts may have never seen a rotary.

One of the essential holiday driving tips in MA is to be vigilant about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. On holidays, the number of drivers who get behind the wheel while impaired can spike. Whether you’re coming home from a Thanksgiving football game or returning from First Night, be attentive to signs that drivers sharing the road with you may be under the influence.

Review and Enhance Auto Insurance Coverage

Going into the New Year, ensuring adequate MA auto insurance coverage could offer you welcome peace of mind. Review your current policy elections and reach out to your agent about ways to save on comprehensive coverage. 

Being conscientious about safety can help you protect yourself and avoid accidents during the holidays. If there are dangerous conditions on the road, you’ll be ready.

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