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Home Systems Protections FAQs

March 24, 2022

Home insurance in Massachusetts provides funds for repairs in the case of fire, falling trees, and other disasters. However, it doesn’t cover everything. Your home’s most essential systems will typically not fall under a homeowners policy if there is an unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown, leaving you without the peace of mind -and convenience of knowing you’ll be well protected. Fortunately, you can protect your critical systems with a home system protection policy. It is specifically designed to repair and replace the things that help make a house a home. Then, you can avoid massive out-of-pocket costs and quickly restore your home with the proper coverage.  

What Is Home Systems Protection?  

This Coverage is Different from a home warranty. Home systems protection covers the following:  

  • HVAC system  
  • Water filtration system  
  • Sump and well pumps  
  • Home security devices  
  • Stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers  
  • Washers and dryers  
  • Water heaters  

While the above items may have warranties through their manufacturers, traditional MA home insurance doesn’t cover them since they’re not part of your house’s internal structure. This is where home systems protection comes in. You can supplement this setup as an endorsement to your homeowners insurance and provide coverage for electrical and mechanical breakdowns to items such as your HVAC system and washer and dryer.  

Why Do You Need Home Systems Protection Coverage?  

Major appliances and systems are costly to repair and replace. For example, HVAC systems start at $5,000. Depending on the size of your home and the quality of the unit, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing it. Also, if there’s damage to other systems from the initial breakdown, you’re looking at a sizeable bill.  

To protect your home, you need a combination of home insurance and home systems protection. You’ll be getting more comprehensive coverage.  

What Does Home Systems Protection Cover?  

A home systems protection policy covers direct physical damage resulting from a sudden mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown or bursting, cracking, or splitting of a covered item. Although many systems and appliances have their own manufacturer coverage, these generally apply to factory defects and have a finite lifespan, like one or two years. Home systems protection provides ongoing coverage that pays for repair, allowing you to care for essential systems and prolong their life.  

Most insurance companies that offer home systems protection provide basic coverage for HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, and electrical systems with optional add-ons. Then, you can get a customized policy that protects every aspect of your home.  

What Happens If You Need Items Replaced?  

When the time comes to file a claim, you can contact the service contractor of your choice. New appliances and systems may not be the exact make and model of the replaced ones, but they will be of equal value. If the make and model are different, the insurance company will determine the value based on quality and capacity.  

What Equipment Is Most Likely To Need This Coverage?  

Systems that see daily use are most likely to need this coverage. Water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners fall under this category and often cost thousands of dollars. Having reliable coverage can keep you from going into debt.  

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