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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter in Massachusetts?

November 15, 2022


You need to do what you can to make ensure your vehicle is ready for winter in Massachusetts and take precautionary measures. Heavy ice, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures can lead to dangerous driving conditions and wreak havoc on your car. Although it’s possible to drive in these wintery conditions, the season tends to increase accidents along the roads and highways. Even though drivers in Massachusetts are required to carry auto insurance, the expense of getting into an accident or suffering damage from winter conditions can be troubling.

How Your Vehicle Can Survive Winter in Massachusetts

Preparing your car for winter weather is crucial to stay safe and preventing unexpected damage.

Avoid Claims on Your Auto Insurance by Preparing for Winter Driving Conditions

Routine car maintenance can prevent common issues that lead to breakdowns but also give you a chance to fix something wrong. Heading out in freezing temperatures or driving in snow puts wear and tear on your vehicle, so it’s essential to ensure everything works properly before the winter season begins. Here are some of the elements to check:

• Brakes

• Defroster

• Battery

• Fluid levels (oil, windshield, antifreeze, and transmission)

• Exhaust system

• Wiper blades

• Lights

You can do some maintenance checks yourself, but you may want to have a mechanic do a complete assessment of your systems. If your engine fails during the winter, you have the added risk of being stuck in cold temperatures while waiting on a tow truck or assistance.

Purchase Winter Car Supplies

The temperatures and severe weather situations that can arise unexpectedly during the winter could cause your car to malfunction. You need to prepare for the chance of stranding yourself along the side of the road. While some Massachusetts auto insurance companies have roadside assistance add-ons, it could still be a while before help arrives. You can create a winter emergency kit for the passengers of the car, but you can also create a winter supply kit.

Within your winter kit, be sure to include jumper cables. It is essential if your car battery dies. Carry a windshield scraper and brush, extra antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, road salt, or kitty litter to help gain traction on nice flares or reflectors to warn other cars that you have a stalled vehicle. The last thing you need is an accident and claim on your auto insurance.

To ensure you and any passengers are safe if your car breaks down, gets stopped by inclement weather, or is an accident, carry a few emergency supplies in the trunk. Have a few blankets, warm clothing like hats or mittens, non-perishable but high-calorie foods, water, basic first aid supplies, and a pocket knife.

Prepare for the Unexpected With Auto Insurance

Many things can happen to your vehicle during the winter. Limbs or trees heavy from snow and ice could fall and cause damage, just as icy road conditions could increase the risk of an accident. Auto insurance is an important protection, but so is being prepared for the unexpected.

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