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Ways the Autumn Season Can Affect Your Home: Maintain Your Home

October 3, 2022


When evaluating your home maintenance needs, you need to make sure that you’re strategically planning for the autumn season. Setting aside some time for home care projects will keep your property in good condition as the seasons change.

The Autumn Season: Maintenance

The fall is the best time to prepare your home for winter. Likewise, there are methods you can take to accomplish this. 

Arrange for Tree Care

Autumn gusts that shake fall foliage from trees can also take big branches. Tending to trees on your property could prevent big branches from damaging your home.

Review or Renew Insurance Coverage

Before the holiday season gets you busy, make the autumn season the time to review your Massachusetts home insurance policy. Recent changes in property values or plans for refinancing your home may merit a reanalysis of your current coverage needs. To find the best home insurance in Massachusetts, look for competitive premiums and comprehensive protection against homeowners’ greatest risk areas.

Take Care of Roof Repairs

It is essential to address outstanding roofing repairs before winter weather rolls in, even if they are minor fixes. Massachusetts home insurance claims involving roof damage are common after a heavy snowfall, but this damage can be preventable with proper maintenance.

Fall is the perfect time to reinforce your soffits. During the fall, animals such as squirrels or opossums will try to access homes’ attics under soffits and flashings.

Clean Your Chimney

After months of not being used, your chimney could be full of combustible materials. Also, it may still have a buildup from the previous winter season. Using a chimney with excessive buildup or other obstructions could be hazardous and cause smoke damage inside your home. Before you start using your fireplace, it is a good idea to arrange for a chimney cleaning.

Clean and Screen Your Gutters

Fallen leaves can cause clogged gutters. The next time you clear gutters, consider installing a screen that can filter out leaves and other debris. This upgrade to your home’s gutter system can spare you from having to clean your gutters, and it could prevent clogs that lead to water damage.

Correct the Sloping Around Your House

Before winter, take strategic steps to fortify your home against water intrusion. You must correct the slope of the area next to your home. Likewise, doing this ensures that it does not pitch toward your foundation.

Insulate Your Home

Good insulation in your house will help keep it warm during chilly fall weather. Concentrating on the top level of your home keeps the heated air inside. Foam insulation materials are suitable for filling small gaps.

Fortifying your home this fall will give you peace of mind. Take smart precautions to prevent damage and protect your home’s value.

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