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What Is Escaped Liquid Fuel and What Steps Can You Take?

May 2, 2022


Nearly 6 million homes throughout the U.S. rely on oil for heat, and liquid fuel serves importance in daily life. Despite the emergence of alternatives such as electricity and propane, there are many reasons why oil remains a popular option. A few of its benefits include its widespread availability even in remote areas, the long lifespan of oil heating systems, and the overall affordability. It’s also widely considered one of the safest options, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to accidents. One such accident — escaped liquid fuel — can be costly and dangerous. Find out why remediation for escaped liquid fuel is essential.

Contaminated Groundwater

Oil is commonly cited as one of the best heating methods because it must be under specific conditions to be flammable. However, it can still pose a significant environmental risk if it leaks into the ground. At this point, it can leach into the groundwater, which is a substantial liability for the responsible homeowner. When oil gets into groundwater, it can migrate into the aquifer and negatively impact plants and animals in the area. It might lead to cancer if it makes its way into the drinking water. 

Damage to Your Property

In addition to the significant environmental and health risks that an oil spill incurs, you have some concern about the damage it could cause to your property. Any plants and vegetation on your property will likely die. Additionally, if you have a brick or stone-built home, the spilled oil can permanently seep into its structure. It will cause the continuous emission of toxic fumes and render your home uninhabitable. Also, it can occur even as a result of a seemingly minor spill.

It May Damage Your Neighbors’ Property

All of the aforementioned possibilities could occur on a neighbor’s property and your own. If escaped liquid fuel from your home makes its way to neighboring homes, you face significant liability for any damage that occurs as a result. Many homeowners invest in MA home insurance, which provides additional coverage for oil spills. You should review your policy to see whether it covers this liability, and if not, consider looking for a policy that does.

It’s Typically Not included in Insurance

Many homeowners cannot believe that their MA home insurance doesn’t provide any coverage for an oil spill. Indeed, even in areas where oil tanks are standard, insurers often exclude this coverage simply because it does not apply to all insured. If your home has an oil tank, you should research preventing escaped liquid fuel and invest in protection coverage.

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