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What Should a Homeowners Insurance Policy in Massachusetts Cover

July 1, 2022


You are moving into a house and you need to know what a homeowners insurance policy should cover and what you will pay. Your home is your most significant investment. If something happens to your residence, you need accommodations and a way to make repairs. How can you protect your house from accidents and inclement weather? The answer is a robust homeowner insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Of course, insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll have a wide range of options when speaking with an agent. It is time to understand what type of home coverage you need in MA.


First and foremost, homeowners insurance policies in MA cover the building you live in. Since many things can damage houses, most dwellings policies list what they don’t cover rather than what they do. You should always clarify with your agent what perils a policy excludes so you’re not caught flat-footed during an emergency. The following are the most common exclusions:

  1. Vacancy
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Flooding
  4. Mudslides and Landslides
  5. Infestations
  6. Natural Wear and Tear
  7. Water backup

Homeowners may also add an endorsement to their policy to add coverage for some of the common exclusions, such as earthquake coverage.

Medical Payments

MA home insurance doesn’t just cover damage to your house — it can also cover guests’ injuries. While you hope no one ever gets hurt on your property, sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. If someone has an accident, medical payment coverage pays for the care. The best part is that this coverage applies no matter the situation:

  1. The injured party is at fault
  2. The homeowner is at fault
  3. A pet causes the injury.

Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage provides the funds necessary to live comfortably during repairs when your home is uninhabitable. This policy type doesn’t cover everything but bridges the gap between your everyday living expenses and extra costs incurred due to home damage. For example, loss of use covers dining out (within reason) since you don’t have access to your kitchen. It also covers hotel accommodations.

Real Property Damage

Your MA home insurance absolutely should cover damage to personal property. A fire or natural disaster doesn’t only wreck your home but also destroys valuables. You need as much help replacing these items as you do the roof over your head.

Most insurance companies have lists of what they do and don’t cover. For example, the following usually don’t qualify:

  1. Aircraft
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Parts

To keep these items safe, you’ll need separate policies.

Additionally, precious belongings may have limitations. Insurance companies offer coverage based on risk so that they may cap payouts on jewelry and other expensive items.

Personal Liability

Unfortunately, negligence can lead to injury. For example, failure to replace rotten stair planks may lead to a fall, resulting in a broken bone. If the injured party can prove you indirectly caused harm through negligence, you may be in for a lawsuit. Personal liability policies cover court costs and payouts should you lose the case.

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